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OCTOtalk | Creating a DIGITAL OCEAN.

OCTO23 is creating the first system for humans and machines to communicate underwater and provide hyper-local environmental monitoring of the ocean.  To do this, we've developed proprietary technology to reinvent the diving/snorkelling mask enabling recreational divers and snorkelers to talk underwater and share their experiences in real-time.

In additon, OCTOtalk masks come equipped with a suite of integrated sensors (temperature, PH, depth, light, etc.) for environmental monitoring of the ocean. The environmental data, images, and video are automatically syncronized to our cloud platform via the OCTOtalk mobile app.

Thus, OCTOtalk is not only changing the way we experience being in the ocean, but it's also simultaneously contributing to the protection of the ocean as well.  This is done by providing a platform for crowdsourced scientific monitoring from the millions of people, turned citizen scientists, that are in the ocean everyday!


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